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The Regenerative Clinic team are experts in providing treatments, including stem cell and platelet rich plasma for orthopaedic injuries, sport injuries, arthritis and other degenerative conditions.

Using some of the world’s most advanced treatments, including stem cell and platelet rich plasma, we can optimise healing and treat a wide range of joint and spinal pain. Our state-of-the-art procedures are overseen by our team of leading orthopaedic surgeons and specialists. Whilst we can offer traditional surgical techniques, we specialise in avoiding surgery wherever possible and offer the most advanced minimally invasive and non-surgical procedures.


Lipogems® is a new minimally invasive treatment that harnesses natural repair cells removed from your own body fat to target problems affecting the tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles, including osteoarthritis. It has already helped over 20,000 patients worldwide and has simply life changing results.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy)

PRP is an effective and well-researched treatment. If you are currently in rehabilitation or being treated for a sports injury PRP may be extremely effective as it supports your body’s self-healing processes by using your own cells. The treatment reduces pain and can help you get back to normal activity levels quickly.

The temporary mechanical unloading of the knee joint has been shown to cause the cartilage in the knee to regenerate. Improvements in the symptoms of arthritis last for up to 9 years in some with over 80% of the patients satisfied with sustained clinical benefit.


  • • Cheaper than Total Knee Replacement
  • • Less risky
  • • Patientkeeps their own joint
  • • Delays Total Knee Replacement

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All our treatments are highly effective and have been extensively researched. Please click here to see a selection of just some of the clinical papers for more information or read our patient testimonials. To find out how the treatment could help you why not make an appointment with our multidisciplinary team or call 0330 2233332 for more information.

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The expert team at The Regenerative Clinic is made up of a strong group of clinicians each renowned specialists in their respective fields. Our orthopaedic specialists, plastic surgeons, anaesthetists and radiographers, work together to ensure the very best treatment possible for our patients. Clinics and treatment facilities are available in Harley Street, London where the team are supported by an excellent group of nurses and technicians.

 Latest News 

5th International Joint Preservation Congress Sept 2018

14th September 2018
Professor Wilson presents at the 5th International Joint Preservation Congress Sept 2018 in Warsaw. It is always good to share research and outcomes with colleagues from around the World. The latest Congress in Warsaw was a perfect opportunity for Professor Wilson to present. He was joined on stage by Professor Carlo Tremolada discussing the merits of Lipogems for treating arthritis.