PRP injections into knee
12-year-old Isa’s dream of representing his country in Brazilian jiu-jitsu continues following a platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection to his knee following a partial ACL tear

Testimonial completed by Dean – Isa’s father

Isa was injured during a Brazilian jiu-jitsu training session, when he was sparring with his training partner and Isa’s knee became twisted underneath his partner. Isa felt a pop and instantly asked his partner to stop. He was in great pain and wasn’t able to fully put his weight on it.

I took him to the hospital as I knew this was something serious as he also had no feeling in his foot. They also told us Isa would not be able to do physical activity until he had an operation which they would only do once the growth plates stop growing as he is only 12 years old.

This news was extremely upsetting for myself and especially Isa as he loves to train and he competes at an international level and is currently ranked number 1 in the world for his category in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It turned Isa’s world upside down as Isa has chosen to live the life of a sports competitor in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing. He also wanted to take physical education and dance as one of his GCSEs. He had four super fights lined up before his injury which were all going to be streamed around the world; two major title competition he had to pull off; two amateur boxing competitions where he would have been able to get an area and national title.

As a parent I could not accept what the hospital said so I started to do some research on other types of treatment, which lead me to The Regenerative Clinic. I personally made contact and Isa was booked in a few days later.

From the first time I called The Regenerative Clinic we have been treated with care, politeness and concern for my son’s well-being. Our whole experience with the clinic has been overwhelming.

My son’s diagnosis and treatment was done extremely rapidly, the after care has been the same.

They also understood my son’s passion to get back into sports and they all bent over backwards to get him where he should be. I personally highly recommend The Regenerative Clinic and we are both truly grateful to all the staff for getting Isa back to a normal life.

Isa had MRI, his results and treatment a PRP injection all on the same day which I found so remarkable.

Isa’s knee is on the mend to our astonishment – way, way better than expected. He is healing at a rapid rate and everything is looking really promising for him to carry on his career in sports. Since Isa’s treatment he can now run; jump; squat 90 degrees and squat on one leg especially his left which is the one he obtained his injury on. His knee is also much more secure in movement then before as well. He has full range of motion. Isa has no discomfort or any sort of pain and his injury was about a month ago.

My advice to parents and children with similar injuries is don’t take the hospitals word, get a second opinion. Also don’t give up on your dreams. Do some research. Come and see Professor Wilson at The Regenerative Clinic for a second opinion and discuss alternative treatment and therapy. He has changed my son’s outcome and he can live his dream of one day representing his country at international level.

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