AMPP® injection into ankle
Mia’s has experienced phenomenal improvement following PRP and Lipogems for her ankle problems, and she is regularly nordic pole walking over 4km with the distance increasing every week.

About three years ago I started to suffer increasing pain and discomfort in my right ankle following a bad ankle fracture and its subsequent repair some 20 years ago.

In the last three years walking up and down stairs became increasingly difficult and painful, and I became worried, for example, about crossing the road in case my ankle suddenly gave way.

Following a lifelong interest in natural health I became aware of the potential new opportunities arising from the use of stem cell therapies. I was keen to investigate the possibility for the use of this therapy to reduce my ankle pain, improve mobility and hopefully improve my life back to how it used to be.

Unfortunately, this is not yet commonly available in the UK. An initial consultation with local orthopaedic surgeon offered much less hope than I expected, largely, I believe, because of my age despite me being otherwise a very active and healthy 76 year old. Totally depressed, I further researched expertise in UK which led me to The Regenerative Clinic. That led to Mr Nima Heidari in particular as a consultant foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon specialising and experienced in regenerative techniques, including the use of adipose derived stem cells (Lipogems®) and platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Mr Heidari initially performed a minor arthroscopy to remove some osteophytic lipping, including some PRP anti-inflammatory and growth factor to aid the healing. He also used the opportunity to remove the two screws left in after my original repair operation which I myself felt were contributing to the problem too. This was followed three weeks later with injections of my own adipose fat derived stem cells into the main ankle joint and the two next joints.

Six months after I must say the improvement has been phenomenal in my case.

My life has returned back to normal. I can do everything that I need to do on my own again – waking, driving, shopping – all without pain or concern as to my ankle giving way. In fact I am already comfortably nordic pole walking over 4km about every other day, and the distance is increasing every week too.

The benefits for improvement to pain and function from the re-injection of one’s own stem cells into affected joints to help regenerate tissue, and with virtually no risk of any negative side effects, should be obvious, but the healthcare system does not yet endorse such. Hence the need for specialists such as those at The Regenerative Clinic to lead the way and continue to build the mass of evidence to underpin the positive outcomes of adopting this approach – be that solely, or in including it as an enhancer to a relevant procedure. Do not suffer in silence – contact The Regenerative Clinic and find out about the help available.

Mr Heidari is not just a superb orthopaedic surgeon working at the very leading edge of his chosen specialist field, but he is also the most considerate and polite person, genuinely interested to improve a patient’s predicament for the long term. It is a pleasure to unhesitatingly recommend him to others. Indeed all the members of The Regenerative Clinic that I have dealt with share this approach.

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