Lipogems® injection into knee
David has gone back to rowing, walking and gardening following Lipogems® treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

I sustained a twisting injury to my right knee whilst moving boats at an event. This caused acute pain and I had great difficulty in walking even short distances where the pain would build quite quickly causing a pronounced limp. I had severely restricted mobility which was very depressing.

A friend of mine recommended that I make an appointment to see Professor Wilson at The Regenerative Clinic as he had already received successful PRP treatment (platelet rich plasma). On examination of my, X-rays Prof Wilson advised that I had torn the meniscus in that knee but there was underlying osteoarthritis in both knees. He suggested that Lipogems® would be beneficial to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by the condition.

I hoped that my treatment would be as effective as it had been in my friend’s case but realistic in that it is not always effective in every case.

The Lipogems® proved to be a great success and I can go back to rowing, walking, gardening and everything else that had been restricted or curtailed altogether.

I have already advised several people to, at the very least, seek a consultation.

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