Lipogems® injections into both knees
I felt old, dependant and concerned about my future. Since Lipogems®, I can now walk and drive long distances without depending on others, I feel as if I have got my life back.

Read Angela’s (age 64) story following her procedure in September 2018

I have had knee problems since I was sixteen, when a hockey ball slammed into my knee cap. However, it has not prevented me from leading a full and active life. Five years ago I took part in a six day walk through the desert for Macmillian Cancer Support.

Since then, 18 months ago, my dog ran into the same knee and tore my meniscus. In the meantime my right knee has been over compensating, which has resulted in the cartilage being worn away. The pain and limited mobility was the result of bone on bone contact.

My local Doctor sent me for x-rays and an MRI scan. The prognosis was that nothing could be done apart from steroid injections and I would ultimately need two knee joint replacements. I did not want two titanium knees and all the pain and rehabilitation that involved.

I had heard about non-invasive regenerative treatments through a friend. The results sounded incredible, so I immediately started researching the subject. I was blown away with how Mesenchymal stem cells regenerated, resulting in incredible recoveries. I learnt about the different sources of these cells and how they are harvested and administered. I realised that it would be a simple and minimally invasive procedure to have them injected into my knees. I had already decided that obtaining the regenerative cells from my own adipose tissue would result in zero rejection. It is also easy to obtain them, as we all have fat cells under our skin.

The next decision was where to have the procedure done. Luckily I was able to find a clinic in this country who specialise in joint regeneration using adipose tissue, The Regenerative Clinic. The procedure only took fifty minutes. It involved taking liposuction from my tummy, separating the cells from the fat cells and then injecting the Lipogems® back into my knees. It was done under sedation, and I felt only mild discomfort with the pain relief. It was like going to the dentist rather than having a medical procedure. I walked into the clinic and walked out and back to my hotel.

Within four days, I felt confident to drive to the shops. It was slightly uncomfortable for a week or so, but within days I could live an almost normal life. The results have astonished me. I have been told that improvements can continue for up to six months, so I am looking forward to future developments.

I have also been extremely mindful of my diet, eating lots of green leafy vegetables, onions, garlic and leeks. I looked up information on the internet on foods and supplements that promote regeneration. I have followed their advice. Also I have had remedial massage before and after the stem cell procedure. That has been far more effective than the physio that I paid for.


Before the Lipogems® procedure

I had Lipogems® adipose tissue therapy on both knees in September and the results have been astonishing and have changed my life.

Before Lipogems® I was in frequent pain, especially when it was cold and damp. I was unable to sleep properly as the pain from rolling over in bed work me up.

I use to walk with a limp and my right knee was bowing out, I then began to get constant back ache and ankle pain. My poor mobility meant my ability to work was compromised and everyday tasks such as kneeling, getting out of the bath, getting dressed, doing housework and shopping were affected.

I often had to rely on a walking stick to get around and could only walk downstairs backwards. Walking, standing or sitting for any length of time caused pain and discomfort. It also meant I needed assistance to travel on public transport. I felt old, dependant and concerned about my future.


Since the Lipogems® procedure

Since I had the Lipogems® procedure, all of the above have improved or disappeared.

My walking ability has drastically improved, I can now: walk downstairs forwards, walk down slopes pain free, walk at twice the pace and distance compared to before and walk on the beach again. People are commenting on how well I am walking and noticing I no longer limp. The thing that surprised me the most was how my face has changed, apparently my face looked different because the pain has disappeared.

My energy levels have doubled, my back ache vanished (almost immediately) and my ankles are no longer a problem. I can now walk and drive long distances without depending on others, I feel as if I have got my life back.

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