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Jorja Healthcare Regenerative Treatments is a world-leading global clinic providing the newest cutting-edge regenerative treatments in MSK, Orthopaedics and Gynaecology.

Our clinic works with world-renowned surgeons and MSK consultants. Their extensive knowledge and experience allows them to provide the best information regarding your issue and regenerative treatments for orthopaedic and sports injuries, arthritis, muscle and tendon tears.

We believe our patients should be in control of their bodies and pathway, this is why we offer a holistic view of our patients, where consultants provide options for surgical and non-surgical approaches. They advise patients what they can expect post each treatment and at times they would advise combining general surgery (e.g arthroscopy) with a biological approach- this depends on the patient’s condition and the levels of their injury.

Regenerative treatments such as MFAT (Microfragmanted fat), BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate) or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) work by using your body’s natural healing abilities. This could be done either by using Stromal Cells retrieved from your fatty tissue/ bone marrow or Plasma retrieved from your blood.

We are proud to confirm our clinic has an 84% of success rate.

We know this, as for the last 5 years we have maintained the importance of measuring outcomes and ongoing assessment of our patient’s treatment through our registry of clinical data. We use an AI system which allows us to save patients’ pre and post-op questionnaires and based on those we can monitor patients’ progress and contribute towards evidence and other global studies.

We are the 1st clinic in the UK to monitor biological responses from its patients and is proud to have the biggest database to date.

Our Clinic is based in Paddington, London. We do however partner with other hospitals in London, Ascot and Lincolnshire. Our patient-friendly design facilities have in-house MRI scanners, Diagnostic Ultrasound Machines and Day case theatre rooms.

If you wish to see what our patients think of us, please check our Trustpilot or see patient’s stories below.

We have a team of leading surgeons and specialists who are global innovators in their own fields but also the most forward thinking in non-invasive, regenerative procedures. 

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We have imaging facilities in in London and Ascot and conduct all of our treatments at the Harley Street Specialist Hospital in London.

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Now working with partners abroad providing cutting edge Regenerative Medicine to patients in Dubai, Australia, Spain and Pakistan.

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We offer appointments nationwide and now working with partners abroad providing cutting edge Regenerative Medicine to patients in Dubai, Australia, Spain and Pakistan.