nSTRIDE Autologous Protein Injections

nSTRIDE Autologous Protein Injections

The nSTRIDE Autologous Protein Injections (nSTRIDE APS) treatment is designed to alleviate pain and bring balance back to your inflamed knee joint by introducing high levels of “good” proteins concentrated in your blood. These good proteins can block the “bad” proteins responsible for the inflammatory condition in your joint. 

In an osteoarthritic knee, inflammatory cytokines (“bad” proteins) outnumber anti-inflammatory cytokines (“good” proteins) causing an imbalance. This is what causes knee pain and cartilage degeneration.

We will take a blood withdrawal like a simple blood test. Your clinician will process your blood to concentrate white blood cells, platelets, and plasma proteins into a small volume of plasma. This will then be administered as a joint injection directly into the knee joint cavity.

The treatment is designed to be a single injection therapy in the outpatient clinic setting. This procedure can help with: 

  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Joint pain reduction
  • Promotion of cartilage health
  • Improvement of joint function

This is a highly successful procedure that significantly reduces pain associated with knee osteoarthritis and significantly improves mobility in the knee joint. It has a proven success rate of 70% improvement in knee pain at 2 years following a single injection.

Our Consultant in Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Dr Ralph Rogers, performs the nSTRIDE APS injection treatment as well as Paul Lee, and Suresh Sudula. Dr Rogers has worked for The Football Association, Chelsea FC, Walsall FC, Warwickshire County Cricket Club and Birmingham Bullets basketball team. Internationally, he is a medical advisor to the National Basketball Association (NBA) and has recently been appointed to serve as an independent non-executive medical doctor for the Kenyan national football team (KPL).

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