Lipogems® injections into hip
Jane’s experience of Lipogems® has exceeded her expectation and she advises others considering the treatment to “just do it!”. She can now play 18 holes of golf and then walk the dog.

I was experiencing hip problems which were caused by arthritis brought on by the amount of sport I have played over the years. I still play golf and go to the gym regularly.

In the past I had some cortisone injections for pain in my hip, which wasn’t bad enough for a hip replacement. These did give some relief but weren’t particularly good for my body in my view.

Many years ago a physio had mentioned that stem cell treatment would be the way forward. I remembered this more recently and searched on the internet to see what was available and came across The Regenerative clinic and the Lipogems® treatment available.

After a consultation with one of their knee specialists I decided to go ahead. My expectations at the time were muted as I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much. However, the treatment has really improved my movement and I am nearly pain-free, which is beyond my expectations.

I now play 18 holes of golf then walk a dog 3-4 miles afterwards and I’m feeling pretty good all round!

My only advice for someone thinking about this treatment is to just do it! Be prepared for a painful few days afterwards and take it easy for the recommended time. I am lucky being extremely fit and I would recommend not leaving it until you are in a lot of pain with more restrictive movement.

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