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Knee Stem Cell, AMPP® & PRP Treatment & Therapy

Have you been told your only option for knee pain is steroid injections or joint replacement surgery? Our minimally invasive regenerative alternatives offer pain relief and can help you get your lifestyle back on track

The knee is the largest joint in the body and therefore can suffer from a range of injuries both traumatic and inflammatory.  Knee pain and injuries can be treated by stem cell therapy, AMPP® Activated Mesenchymal Pericyte Plasma (using Lipogems® technology) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment.

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The most common knee injuries include fractures, dislocations and sprains and tears of soft tissues such as ligaments. Knee pain can also be caused by arthritis. Osteoarthritis which is also called degenerative arthritis, is the most common type of arthritis and occurs when the cartilage in the knee deteriorates with use and age. This wear and tear can be medial (inside of the knee) or lateral (outside of the knee).

Treatment for knee conditions such as osteoarthritis is usually initially aimed at relieving the pain and involves anti-inflammatory medicines and physiotherapy. This may be followed by a series of corticosteroid injections.  The next step may be an arthroscopy and if the condition continues you may require knee replacement surgery.

Knee stem cell therapy, AMPP® Activated Mesenchymal Pericyte Plasma (using Lipogems® technology) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy can delay or avoid the need for knee surgery. The treatments are minimally invasive, can decrease inflammation, stop the progression of arthritic damage and repair joint cartilage. The recovery time is also much shorter than with surgery.

Read Angela’s story who had Lipogems® treatment in her knees. She is now pain free and her life has changed completely.

“I felt old, dependant and concerned about my future. Since Lipogems®, I can now walk and drive long distances without depending on others, I feel as if I have got my life back.”

Knee conditions which can be treated with AMPP® and PRP therapy include:

  • Bursitis
  • Bakers Cyst
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Hamstring Tendinopathy
  • Degenerative conditions

Your consultation will be with one of our knee specialists, Professor WilsonMr. Sam HeatonMr. Jamie ArbuthnotMr. Arj ImbuldeniyaMr. Rohit JainMr. Ed Britton or Mr. Amit Kumar and will last approximately 30 minutes.

The treatment

AMPP® Activated Mesenchymal Pericyte Plasma (using Lipogems® technology)

At The Regenerative Clinic we exclusively offer our patients AMPP® injections. A pioneering new treatment using your body’s own stem cells from a combination of Lipogems® and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy to treat pain and inflammation. The minimally invasive procedure is a possible alternative to having an operation or can be used after surgery to help healing. It harnesses natural repair cells removed from your body fat to target problems affecting joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The procedure takes around an hour and early results suggest an improvement for 75 per cent of suitable patients.

This treatment contains concentrated blood plasma PRP/PRGF, as well as adipose-based pericytes harvested with Lipogems®. Theoretically AMPP® is superior in regeneration and healing. You may have AMPP® in conjunction with the treatment of other joints, the results of which have been very positive.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

PRP Therapy supports your body’s self-healing processes by using your own cells. Blood is mostly liquid (called plasma) but also contains solid component including red cells, white cells and platelets. The platelets are important for clotting blood but they also contain proteins called growth factors which are important in the healing of injuries.

With a higher concentration of growth factors than typically found in blood, PRP injections support the restoration of injured tissue and inhibit painful inflammatory processes.

This treatment is widely researched and supported in clinical papers. See our PRP evidence section.

Click to find out more about AMPP® or PRP treatments or make an appointment with one of our specialist orthopaedic consultants.

Our expert team works as part of a collaborative partnership of Surgeons, Sports Medicine doctors and Physiotherapists to provide the perfect patient pathway to get you quickly on the road to recovery. Whether you require conventional treatment or if you are a candidate for these new regenerative treatments, you can be sure that will get the best advice from teaching hospital specialists.


Here is a short interview with Professor Adrian Wilson where he talks about why he became interested in regenerative treatments.

“In terms of regenerative procedures, I’ve been very interested in them. I’ve got a degree in biochemistry from Manchester University and as part of my Mantua university degree, I obviously did a lot of molecular biology. I’ve been very interested in the last five years in stem cell therapies. Pure stem cell therapies are very expensive can be performed in only a few centres around the world for regulatory reasons, but there is a form of treatment which is called Lipogems which many of my friends, colleagues and people that I meet as I as I teach and move around different countries each month. I meet key opinion leaders and I can see different things that are being used and many of them now are using this innovative new form of treatment which is essentially a fat injection. I decided to set up a The Regenerative Clinic not just to cover fat injections, but also all other forms of non-surgical interventions that we can carry out to get sportsmen, people with arthritis, ligament injuries and so on better and we’ve been setting that up over the couple of years. We’ve had some fantastic results and there are 30,000 patients that have had it, so our patients aren’t guinea pigs and there’s five year data. We’re now collecting our data and like the other centres getting some very nice results coming through.”

Here is an interview with Father Leo Edgar one of our Lipogems knee patients.

“The problem really was my knees; I had osteoarthritis in both knees. In terms of mobility up and down stairs particularly painful and when you’re going down stairs you’re putting the whole of your body weight onto those joints. The pain doesn’t decrease; it increases, so the aching goes on throughout the night and can disturb not only your sleep, but also your sanity because at some point you think I just want to get rid of this pain. So you take a few painkillers and somewhat helps, but it was never going to get any easier. The thought in my mind was always that, well at some point I might have to reduce what I’m able to do purely and simply because of the lack of mobility really.”

“I’ve been more active, being able to walk much further and much better. We had that very hot spell recently, very hot weather and I was able to go out and enjoy the walking and I found that there’s so much less pain involved which is great. I sleep better because there’s less disturbance during the night. I’d more or less made my mind if I wasn’t going to have any replacements because it would have taken too much time out of my working life for a start and also you don’t know whether it’s going be said that successful or not again at my age, whereas this, I can honestly say you know three days after it had it done I was back doing my normal activities. I never used to kneel at all. Now I can actually, so that’s an improvement definitely. Genuflecting and the like is something that I can do now which I found more difficult to do before. It’s not impossible.”

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