Lipogems® injections into both knees
Lipogems® injections to both knees allow Gerald to walk pain-free and avoid a partial knee replacement operation

I was suffering with pain in both knees and a loss of mobility, which meant that I was unable to undertake my usual leisure and sporting activities, such as playing badminton. I was also experiencing the occasional sharp pain when walking.

Having previously seen an orthopaedic consultant, it looked like the most probable outcome was that I would have to undergo a partial knee replacement operation. No operation comes without risks and joint replacement represents a major invasion of the body. Also, friends and neighbours I spoke to, who had undergone similar operations had experienced somewhat mixed results. An additional factor I took into account was that replacement surgery is a ‘one-way street’; once carried out there is no turning back and therefore precludes the use of new or pioneering solutions not yet available.

Because of this I was keen to explore alternative solutions such as Lipogems® and hoped that the treatment would return me to full, pain-free mobility.

I had the Lipogems® injections in February on both my knees. Given that that was only seven weeks ago, I consider my progress to be exceedingly good in view of the advice that significant benefit is normally expected after three to four months. I am pleased to report that I can now walk without fearing I will experience the occasional stabbings of pain.

I would conclude by saying I have no hesitation in recommending the Lipogems® procedure to anyone experiencing the same problems as mine.

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