Lipogems® injection into both knees and hands
Keen golfer David highly recommends Lipogems® and is delighted with the results for both his knees and finger joints

I have had problems with my knees as a result of arthritis and sports injuries from cricket, rugby and running since 2008. I had an arthroscopy on my right knee in 2010.  I am a keen golfer and have been working with Mary Mackay a leading sports therapist since 2009 when I retired from full time employment.

In June 2018 I really over did my golf and badly aggravated both knees, was walking badly and was suffering pain at night. My knees weren’t at the point where we felt replacement  was needed. Following discussions with Mary Mackay we decided that I should see a top knee specialist and get an assessment of their current state and make a plan for their management going forward.

Professor Wilson at The Regenerative Clinic gave me a detailed assessment of the state of both knees and all of the treatment options both invasive and non-invasive. He felt I was potentially a good candidate for Lipogems® and PRP injections in both knees.  I agreed to take this option and attended the Regenerative Clinic to have the Lipogems® injections and the first of four PRP injections in both knees. I have subsequently had the additional PRP injections at 3 and 6 months in both knees and have the final ones booked in for October 2019.

As I also suffer from arthritic swelling of my knuckles on both hands I asked Professor Wilson if the Lipogems® would also be beneficial in my knuckles.  He immediately arranged for X-rays of both my hands and discussed these with Mr Ali Noorani the upper limb specialist at The Regenerative Clinic. They concluded that because I had simple osteoarthritis in the joints, Lipogems® injections should be beneficial and these were also put in these joints when I had the knees done.  Because these joints are small PRP was not included.

My expectations before the treatment were that I would get less inflammation and discomfort from my knees so I would be able to walk better and reduce the risk of lower back problems when golfing plus have reduced pain at night in bed.  For my knuckles, which were often swollen and painful to touch to the extent I would avoid shaking hands with people (a firm handshake would be very uncomfortable) I was hoping for less inflammation and pain.  I was expecting that any improvements could take several weeks but that improvements could continue for up to 6 – 9 months.  

Following the procedures I have continued to work with Mary Mackay on physio and exercises on my knees and after 6-8 weeks I was able to lock out both knees without any discomfort and was walking much better.  I am no longer getting any discomfort when sleeping.  

My knuckles have exceeded expectations as after only a few weeks following treatment I have had reduced inflammation and the joints are pain free.  

I am delighted with the results for both my knees and finger joints and would recommend consultation with Professor Wilson at The Regenerative Clinic and these treatments for anyone with similar problems but would also emphasise the important contribution from Mary Mackay of the physio and exercise to get the full benefits from these procedures.

October 2019

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