Lipogems® injection into knee
Art is back to skiing after Lipogems® treatment for his left knee, which is now 9 out of 10.

I was out running as usual but when I came to a steep hill, I started to experience pain in my left knee which just got worse as I returned home.

I abandoned running hoping the pain had been temporary but eventually I had to consult my GP as it was not improving. Having discussed mainstream remedial options with my GP, I researched options and came across Lipogems®.

I was hoping for a full recovery which would allow me to return to running and other sports.

Twelve months after having Lipogems® injections, I’m at 9 out of 10 and as improvements have been continuous so maybe 10 is possible.

To save my other knee from similar problems I’ve replaced running with two yoga sessions each week which are taxing but enjoyable. I was concerned my skiing days were over but very pleased I enjoyed about six weeks this year.

I recommend consultation with a sports orientated physiotherapist and getting into a daily exercise regime – my physiotherapist was excellent in providing a personal exercise plan.

I am really pleased I found out about Lipogems® and am confident I made the right decision, so I recommend a consultation with the clinical team to explore the potential of Lipogems® treatment.

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