Lipogems® injection into right shoulder, right hip, right knee, sacroiliac joints, shin and fingers.
Francine would recommend Lipogems® as she was in constant pain and now feels incredible

I had Lipogems treatment in my shoulder, shin, knee, hip, lower back, my fingers and the back of my neck. Apart from my shoulder, which is still healing from a combination of traditional surgery and Lipogems, I feel fantastic.

My pain stemmed mainly from horse-riding injuries. When I was 21 a horse rolled on my knee and, although it seemed fine for about ten years, my cartilage started to deteriorate. This resulted in two separate bouts of traditional surgery, where cartilage was removed. I ended up with only half the cartilage an ordinary person, with no knee injury, should have. The older I got, the more worn out the edges of the cartilage became; effectively, my thigh bone was rubbing against my shin bone every step I took. As a result of this impact, my knee was incredibly sore, and I started walking less and less.

Not being able to enjoy a long walk for thirty years became extremely debilitating and made me feel old. I found it difficult to sleep at night and was pain-killer reliant. Just 3.5 months after Lipogems treatment, I can now walk down the stairs front-facing and I can sit cross-legged, without feeling any pain or discomfort. I could probably swim breast-stoke again and I can now enjoy longer walks, as it feels like someone has put a cushion between the top and bottom of my leg. Lipogems is incredible and has allowed me to continue horse-riding every day.

The shoulder is a different story. I was on a horse and trying to lead a second horse, but as my horse walked forwards the other horse remained behind which resulted in a tear in my rotator cuff. After years of seeing a doctor, a friend suggested having Lipogems. I spoke to Professor Adrian Wilson initially about my knee pain, and he referred me on to Mr Ali Noorani to consult with me about my shoulder injury.

Essentially, Mr Noorani was honest and referred me for a combination of Lipogems and traditional orthopaedic surgery in my shoulder. Straight after my surgery I was in a huge amount of pain and experienced severe discomfort. However, I had the Lipogems treatment two weeks after my surgery, which stimulated and enhanced the healing process. I am so glad that it was possible to have the surgery alongside the Lipogems procedure, as the pain relief I felt was incredible.

During the procedure they took fat from my abdomen and processed the cells. They then injected the processed cells into my shin, knee, hip, lower back, shoulder, finger and the back of my neck. They were small shots and it didn’t take long at all. Throughout the procedure I didn’t feel a thing and fell asleep. Unlike a general anaesthetic, I felt completely normal when I woke up and was able to travel home the same day.

Mr Noorani is really impressed with my progress, as I only had my surgery 3.5 months and I am at the recovery stage that takes most people 6-9 months to reach.

I was surprised at how great it felt, so quickly. All the places that they injected are better; I would say my shoulder and knee are 70% better, which is a big improvement, and the rest of the injections are 100% better to the point that I would never have known I had any pain there.

Pain in your back can be exhausting and can be depressing. It makes ordinary life a struggle, particularly for me as a horse rider and you need your back to be strong and stable. Since I had the treatment, it is now perfectly strong and my life has changed completely.

Yes, I would recommend Lipogems because being in constant pain ruins your life and stops you wanting to do things. If you have Lipogems, the pain goes away. It really does work and it is as if someone is giving you back the body you had in your youth; you feel young again.

I was reluctant to have a knee replacement, so I was always looking for the latest treatment to give me pain relief. It is now affordable in the UK, so I started the process with Professor Wilson and I am now seeing amazing results.

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