BMAC for lockjaw and pain
I would suggest those with TMJ problems to seek help with Mr Cascarini and his team sooner rather than later.

I had suffered with problems with my jaw for years, I was always told it would be fine or it would fix itself. I eventually ended up getting head butted by a dog which ultimately resulting in lockjaw and really bad pain in my jaw and surrounding area.

I sought out the help of Mr Cascarini because the wait time on the NHS was over 4 months and I had very limited opening of my jaw, which limited what I could eat, so I decided I could not wait, and I sought out urgent help. My symptoms mainly consisted of lockjaw which led to the very limited opening of my jaw and intense pain on the left side of my face which gave me headaches as well as pain on a daily basis. I was recommended to see Mr Cascarini by another doctor and I ended up self-referring because I really just needed help and couldn’t wait.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I had no idea at that stage what the problem was nor what the treatment would be. Mr Cascarini gave me a diagnosis in about 5 minutes, the rest of the time I spent talking to him about my job and his pets!

The treatment was booked in really swiftly, he told me what he was going to do, and it was done successfully. I had a rough recovery but Mr Cascarini was lovely enough to call me the next day to catch up with me about what had happened and how I was getting on. He did attempt to chat with me after the surgery, but I was on cloud nine for a very long time.

My jaw is now aligned which it wasn’t before (the right side of my teeth would not meet, leaving me with a crooked smile). So far everything is healing well, and I am doing my daily exercises which is slowly increasing the amount I can open my mouth. Unfortunately, in my case my joint is badly damaged and it’s unsure how the treatment will heal, so from my experience after suffering for years with TMJ and locked jaw which ultimately resulted in a very badly damaged joint, I would suggest those with TMJ problems to seek help with Mr Cascarini and his team sooner rather than later.

December 2020

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