BMAC and arthroscopy for reduced jaw opening
"I now feel amazing... I have returned to work on a full-time basis and I have come off all my pain medication."

I had a 9-month history of worsening mouth opening (I could only open my jaw 10mm). I was in constant pain and on pain killers. I was unable to eat and do even the small things such as brushing my teeth and I was under the care of a dietician. It was horrific, I had lost almost all quality of life. I’m a nurse but I was unable to work and I couldn’t go out and do things. It was also impacting on my 4-year-old son as I was tired all the time.

I had an arthroscopy with the NHS, but this was unsuccessful, so I knew I needed additional help. I had seen an article by Mr Cascarini in The Mail on Sunday about the cutting-edge treatments he offers, so I booked an appointment with him, initially for a 2nd opinion.

Mr Cascarini took an MRI scan which showed degeneration and irreducible internal derangement to my jaw. He discussed a new treatment called BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate), which involves taking plasma from bone marrow extracted from my hip and injecting a small amount into my jaw. He explained how positive this treatment has been in other joints and could potentially spare me a jaw replacement.

I had the procedure three weeks ago (Nov 2020) at Harley Street Specialist Hospital in Central London. Everything was great – the hospital, the nursing team and my treatment. I felt really well looked after and walked out the same day feeling on top of the world. I was in minimal pain after the procedure and after four days I had come off any pain relief altogether.

Mr Cascarini was great throughout. He came to see me twice after the procedure and he rang me the next day to check on me. I’ve just had my first follow up appointment and will have further check-ups at 3 and 6 months.

I now feel amazing, I now have a mouth opening of between 30 and 35mm. I have returned to work on a full-time basis and I have come off all my pain medication. My hip is absolutely fine, I have not been in any pain or discomfort at any time, it didn’t even feel as if anything had happened to my hip.

My advice to other people with similar TMJ conditions is don’t give up hope, see Mr Cascarini as he is literally the best. He gave me hope where I had no hope. He is very professional but also friendly and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend BMAC, friends I have on the facebook group for TMJ conditions can’t believe how amazing I look after 3 weeks.

Toni, November 2020

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