PRP injections into ankle
Leon was suffering with misdiagnosed chronic ankle pain for two years before having a course of PRP injections at the clinic. He is now back to playing table tennis and walking 10 miles, it has exceeded all his expectations.

For about two years I’ve had a very painful and swollen ankle. It was originally misdiagnosed as tendinitis and it was actually a different type of problem, but over that period I’d experienced a really a bad swollen ankle, so bad I couldn’t walk on it.  It would swell to about three or four times the size of what it should be, even doing the shopping in Sainsbury’s became a struggle.  I had to give up doing sports and it would wake up in the morning and within half an hour I’d have a very swollen and painful ankle.

I underwent about two years worth of physiotherapy, x-rays, different tests I ended up taking very powerful painkillers and generally it was a very negative and depressing limiting experience.  It meant that I couldn’t do normal exercise, I used to play all kind of sports and games, I put on weight and generally it was a very negative experience for me.

I went to my GP and they referred me to physio and we got to the stage where they decided I would essentially have to live with the pain.  A friend of mine that I work with had come across The Regenerative Clinic and gave me a link so I looked it up and booked an appointment because at that stage I was at the end of my tether.

I remember sitting in a supermarket watching people walk around thinking how lucky they were to walk pain-free, that’s how bad it got. I read about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Lipogems and I thought I’d give it a try.

I had my treatment at The Regenerative Clinic, my consultant was Mr Nima Heidari.  It was very customer focused he took on my needs and aspirations really clearly.  He accurately diagnosed a problem using some tests and scans of my ankle and managed to tell me exactly what was wrong.  He explained that I had been misdiagnosed in the past and the course of treatment he recommended Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) was very effective and reduced the problem.

Over the period of a year I’ve now returned to doing most of the things I did before the ankle was damaged.  Over that last year I’ve hardly had any painkillers, I’ve returned to playing table tennis and I can wear normal shoes.  I do 10 mile walks, occasionally the ankle will swell but it’s nothing at all like before, it’s reduced everything.  So, in many ways it exceeded what I expected and it also made me mentally feel a lot stronger and gave me a lot of confidence back in myself because when you’re in chronic pain over a period of two years it begins to eat away at you.

I’ve become a great preacher about PRP I’ve told lots of people about it and recommended they look at it as an option.  As you can see I can even rotate my ankle, I couldn’t have done that before so it was tiny little things I couldn’t do and now I’ve probably returned to about 80 to 90 percent of what I was before the ankle had started to swell and get painful. I’d certainly use it again if I had a different type of injury and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to other people.

Added February 2020

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