PRP injections into finger
Hazel’s treatment on her severe finger pain was a great success; she is now pain-free and able to type properly again

The severe, persistent pain in my fingers was gradually worsening and when I reached the stage where I could no longer use my little finger, I knew the time had come to consult a medical professional and seek appropriate treatment. I did a thorough internet search which led me to contact Mr Ali Noorani and the team at The Regenerative Clinic.

My expectation prior to my PRP treatment was that I would emerge with my pain significantly eased or completely cured. Although the treatment itself was very painful it was only a fleeting experience, lasting for a few seconds during the injection, and was absolutely worth going through for the marked improvements in my condition it brought about.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my PRP treatment, especially as I can now use my little finger for typing again. I would advise any patients struggling with the same health issues as me to make an appointment to see Mr Noorani or one of his colleagues as soon as they can. I have been recommending the clinic to anyone I know who could benefit from their services and will continue to do so.

February 2020

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