Lipogems® injections into both hips and shoulder
Lipogems® has improved Geeta’s quality of life ten-fold and she would recommend it 100%. She is now back to playing badminton, is sleeping better and is lifting heavier weights at the gym

Since my early 20’s I have had problems with both hips. After turning 50 the pain became debilitating, they felt extremely inflamed and nothing seemed to give any relief to the constant pain. I had played badminton for over 30 years but the pain had become too much. I also had difficulty walking, my hips would be inflamed in less than 15 minutes and I was having difficulty sleeping. In addition to my hips I had pain in my left should blade, which had been ongoing for 12 months and I found it difficult moving my arm backwards, putting on a coat, etc.

I sought Lipogems® treatment to improve my quality of life, better sleep and possibly play sport again.

Following the treatment to both my hips and my shoulder, my shoulder pain is almost gone, just the odd pain now and again but nothing significant. My hips have worn away for over 30 years so the I expected some improvement with Lipogems® but had no idea how well it would work and what the outcome would be.

I am now playing badminton again, 3-4 hours a week, although I am trying not to play too much as I want to preserve my hips. I do sleep a lot better and can walk for a few hours although my hips do begin to hurt but nothing like they used to. I see a personal trainer twice a week and lift heavier weights, which I couldn’t do before the Lipogems® treatment.

I would 100% recommend Lipogems® to other patients, my quality of life has increased ten-fold. When I look back at the pain I was in before the treatment I am so happy that I researched alternative treatments to pain killers, surgery, etc. My shoulder is almost 100%, my hips will always never be a strong and sometime in the future I may need hip surgery but Lipogems® has prolonged this. I also like the fact that Lipogems® uses your own body cells.

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