Mesenchymal stem cell injections into spine
Prior to her treatment, Christina struggled doing simple things and had to use a wheelchair for walking longer than a few minutes. After her mesenchymal stem cell injections she felt the pain relief almost immediately and now never has to use her wheelchair.

Before having my injections into my spine I was in a lot of pain. I couldn’t bend down to the floor and pick something up and I couldn’t do simple things like turn over in bed or walk longer than a few minutes. I had very little energy and my quality of life was awful as I could barely move without assistance. Eventually, when I reached 60, the pain forced me to retire. My level of pain pre-procedure was 8/9 out of 10; 10 being unbearable. I was taking a lot of pain killers daily to be able to cope with the pain and to try and function. After 40 years of discomfort and feeling the pain get progressively worse; I decided to seek help with The Regenerative Clinic.

My consultation with Mr. Ranganathan was exactly what I had hoped for. He was clear and informative about my diagnosis and the possible treatment options that were available to me. I didn’t feel pressured or misinformed.

When I arrived for my procedure, I was greeted by a lovely lady who made me feel welcomed and like I was in the right hands. I remember the theatre team clearly and how lovely they were to me. I really could not fault anyone. Mr. Banwell and the anaesthetist took great care of me and made sure I was comfortable the entire time.

I felt the pain relief almost immediately after I had the procedure. Initially, I thought it may have been the sedation or pain killers that were taking the pain away. I was waiting for the excruciating pain to return and it just never did. Before the procedure, I had to use a wheelchair if I was walking anywhere. Now I have my wheelchair, but never use it as the procedure has massively improved my mobility. Considering I could only manage around 150 steps a day; I have now set a target for myself to reach 3,000 steps a day – that is how good I feel.

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