AMPP® injections into both knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and ankles
Annette is back to mowing the lawn and optimistic about the future following AMPP® which includes Lipogems® and PRP injections to her knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and ankles.

I have had knee problems for three decades, and Valgum (knock) knees from birth, but in the last five or so years there has been a slow but steady increase in general pain not only in the knees but in other joints too. This has begun to seriously impact my life: difficulty with stairs, getting up from sitting, even walking, which in turn has caused weight gain, tiredness and stress. I had tried the traditional medical avenues with little success and in one case had even been misinformed.

At my age (67) it is about quality of life, so I decided if the AMPP® procedure (a combination of Lipogems® and PRP) could alleviate my symptoms, even a bit, it would be worth it. I also wanted to do something positive for my joints that might help avoid the need for future joint replacements which I am worried about.

It is now six weeks since treatment and while it is very early days, I feel there is general easing of pain. I have just mowed the lawn, am walking more and feel more optimistic about the future. Even though there is still some way to go, my follow up appointment has left me hopeful about ongoing progress for many months yet, according to recent studies.

I would recommend this combination of Lipogems® and PRP (AMPP®) and I found it invaluable to consult with the different specialists at The Regenerative Clinic about the joints: knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and ankles.

The only advice I feel in a position to give to prospective patients would be to listen to the doctors, be patient with the results and to give yourself the two or three weeks of taking it easy after treatment that they recommend.

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