PRP injections into knee
Allan has gone from being virtually house bound to considering getting back into golf following PRP for knee osteoarthritis.

The problem started in my right knee which developed over a weekend in June 2018 and resulted in my being admitted to hospital for a TIA (a mini-stroke) and unbearable pain and severe swelling of the knee. I was due to go sailing in Turkey the following weekend, but this had to be cancelled.

The dysphasia and TIA resolved, but the pain and swelling in the knee persisted through the summer due to the underlying osteoarthritis caused by an old rugby injury and age (I am 75). Over the course of that summer after seeing other doctors, my cardiac consultant and a knee specialist, it was decided it would not be appropriate for me to have surgery, and that I would have to live with the problem, being very immobile, in pain, and virtually house bound using two crutches.

In the autumn 2018 a friend showed me a write-up about Lipogems® and PRP treatment, and I looked up Professor Adrian Wilson at The Regenerative Clinic on the internet, and arranged to see him. It became apparent even Lipogems® treatment would not work in view of my blood thinning medications, so Professor Wilson recommended a course of four PRP injections to be given by Mr Suresh Sudula in London in Jan/Feb 2019. The pain reduced a little, but there was not much improvement for six months. Suddenly over about a month the pain reduced completely, and after a while I was able to stop using the crutches, then the walking stick, and now I can walk with hardly a limp for up to an hour into the town and back. I am now getting back to gardening, walking normally and perhaps some golf soon, when the weather improves. My knee does not worry me now, I only have mild pain after extended exercise.

My expectations for PRP were limited, but I was happy to try the treatment as it was quite inexpensive and only involved two injections each appointment, which were painless. I would certainly recommend the treatment as an easy option, or as an alternative for anybody with other medical issues which would involve the risks of surgery.

Treated Jan 2019 – added February 2020

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