Get 25% Off Your Knee Consultation When You Book Before February 4th!

Get 25% Off Your Knee Consultation When You Book Before February 4th!

If you’re tired of living with knee pain and are looking for alternatives to steroid injections or joint replacement, then minimally invasive regenerative treatments could help bring balance back to your life. To help you beat the pain the winter cold might be doing to your knees, we are offering 25% off all knee consultations when you book before February 4th!

Nearly one in three people in the UK over 65 suffer from pain in one or both of their knees. However, it doesn’t just affect older people – anyone can experience knee pain, whether it’s due to injury or a medical problem.

We recently sat down again with Mr. David Baker who was suffering from severe knee arthritis in both knees. Over a year ago his arthritis was so bad that he couldn’t walk more than a few steps without the need to hold onto his furniture. He would also have to carry painkillers with him just to make short trips to the local store. This is why we are so happy to say that since his treatment David is doing incredibly well. In the video below you can hear about Mr Baker’s journey with The Regenerative Clinic; get a first hand account on the procedure and see just how well he is doing now.

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What treatments does The Regenerative Clinic offer?

Micro-fragmented Fat Injections (MFAT)

This day case treatment is exclusively offered to our patients. It uses pioneering technology using your body’s own adipose (fat) cells to treat pain and inflammation with MFAT Injections. These Injections are minimally invasive and are carried out under ultrasound guidance. Altogether the procedure takes about an hour to perform with minimal recovery time. As well as being a potential alternative to surgery, MFAT Injections can also aid post-surgery recovery.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

This is an effective and well-researched therapy that takes advantage of the blood’s natural healing properties to reduce pain and improve joint function. It uses a specially concentrated blend of platelets prepared from your own blood to repair damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscle and bone. Treatment is administered via an injection and depending on the injury two to three injections may be required, performed at weekly intervals. 

nSTRIDE® Autologous Protein Solution

The nSTRIDE APS injection treatment is designed to alleviate pain and bring balance back to your inflamed knee joint by introducing high levels of “good” proteins concentrated from your own blood. These good proteins can block the “bad” proteins responsible for the inflammatory condition in your joint. At the same time, nSTRIDE APS also concentrates growth factors which are beneficial for cartilage health for up to three years.

Knee conditions we treat
Depending on the cause, your knee may hurt in different places with pain ranging from mild to severe. Knee conditions which can be treated at The Regenerative Clinic include:

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