Lionel – Lipogems® to both knees

The problems I’d been experiencing prior to having the Lipogems® procedure related to ligament trouble on the inside of my knee. This related to operations that I had some 40 years previously as a result of sporting injuries. These operations seemed to cure the immediate problem but over time there had been a deterioration and I was advised that the only solution was to have a joint replacement. This was a route I really did not wish to follow because running and sporting activities have been a major part of my life since my early teens, to be restricted in what I was able to do had a major depressing effect on me.

Prior to the Lipogems® procedure I would say that the discomfort levels were quite high, particularly when I was attempting to run. Following the Lipogems® procedure I felt a sense of relief that things were moving in the right direction and those restrictions were gradually going to disappear. After a number of months my discomfort levels significantly decreased. I feel when comparing the Lipogems® procedure to other possibilities, that the money was well spent and if I was given the situation and choice again, I would make the same decision.