Kathleen – Lipogems® for ankle pain

My problems began when I was 19 and I was knocked down by a car with my legs were badly broken. I had a particularly traumatic experience where they weren’t set properly. It was a major operation and not for the faint-hearted however, it was very successful, and my ankles stopped hurting. Then because I had been putting so much strain on my right leg, my knee started to cause problems and I had a knee replacement.

Then two years ago my started to feel the strain in the ankle again, it used to wake me up at night and I would be dragged from sleep with this excruciating pain every two hours.The pain in my ankle was like having my foot in a vice. I felt extremely weary, I wasn’t performing like I should during the day, and I was beginning to think that this was going to be the tenor of my life from now on.

I had the Lipogems® treatment on my ankle 6 months ago and the pain in my ankle has reduced considerably. I can walk a lot further, I feel that I can do things, I can plan things and I can carry them out whereas before I couldn’t. I’m certainly not being dragged from sleep every two hours.

Anyone with a painful ankle should consider Lipogems®. I’m feeling very positive now about things and I’m very much happier. It means that I don’t have to have major surgery which is not without its risks so Lipogems® is a much better option.