Scientists Experiment with Stem Cells to Help Patients with COVID Symptoms

Scientists Experiment with Stem Cells to Help Patients with COVID Symptoms

At Hope Sciences Stem Cell Research Foundation in Sugar Land, Donna Chang is a world leader when it comes to using stem cells to treat disease.

“A stem cell is a cell that has no identity, it can basically become whatever your body tells it to become,” explains Donna Chang, CEO of Hope Sciences Stem Cell Research Foundation

She’s patented a way to multiply stem cells unlike anywhere else – preserving their full integrity while replicating them in a lab. Chang said this is a truer to life replication because this is what the cells normally look like when they regenerate on their own.

This has been the key to unlocking how they may be able to treat many diseases, including the chronic symptoms of coronavirus. And the FDA approves. They were so convinced that this may be an effective tool after her data with only 10 patients, they’ve approved one eight times the size. That’s where you come in.

“What we saw was a very quick recovery within the third, between the third and the fourth infusion, we saw almost 100% resolution for those patients. So, we know that in a very short period of time relative to how long we’ve had locked covid this can be resolved,” said Chang.

For everyone desperate to regain their sense of taste and smell, tired of feeling tired, and sick of headaches, this may be the trial for you.

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