Prof. Mohammed Al-Jumaily

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Consultant Neurosurgeon Consultant Spinal Surgeon Expert in Regenerative Medicine.


  1. American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine Certified. March 2019.
  2. Certificate of Completion of Training in Neurosurgery, The General Medical Council, December 2011.
  3. Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in Neurosurgery, October 2010.
  4. Ph.D. Neurobiology. July 2007. Medal Obtained.
  5. M.Sc. in Neurobiology, June 2002.
  6. Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in Surgery in General, October 2000.
  7. M.B.Ch.B., JULY 1995. Distinction Achieved.

I have a vast experience in regenerative medical treatments for the spine. These include various pathologies and clinical conditions such as:

  1. Disc prolapse
  2. Disc degeneration.
  3. Low back pain
  4. Sciatica
  5. Spinal joint problems e.g. facet joints and sacroiliac joint problems.
  6. Muscular back pain.

The treatments provided are evidence based and are highly effective in providing long-term relief of pain and disability. The regenerative treatments utilise the body’s natural healing mechanisms to treat these illnesses. They reduce significantly the need for sophisticated surgical interventions and their associated risks. I have attended national and international meetings and conferences in this field e.g. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, Ortocell Stem Cell Conference, Biobridge Regenerative Medicine Conference…etc.

Current Positions

  1. Professor at Liverpool John Moores University.
  2. Consultant Neurosurgeon. Queen Anne Medical Centre. Harley Street. London.
  3. Consultant Neurosurgeon. Dubai Healthcare City. Dubai.

Clinical Interests:

  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Stem cells and PRP spinal treatment.
  • Endoscopic Spinal Surgery
  • Primary and metastatic spine tumors
  • Spinal cord neoplasms
  • Kyphoplasty/Vertebroplasty
  • Endoscopic brain surgery

Relevant Publications: