Lipogems®​ Adipose Tissue Therapy

Lipogems® is a one-time treatment that relies on the bodies natural capacity to stimulate the repair of damaged cells. This pioneering and minimally invasive treatment is offered exclusively by the The Regenerative Clinic in the UK

The regenerative cells injected into the genitourinary area can restore moisture, reverse the thinning of the vaginal and vulvar mucosa and alleviate symptoms such as dryness, soreness, burning and discomfort and is used to successfully treat:

What does the Lipogems® procedure involve?

Treatment with Lipogems® involves three steps

 The Lipogems® procedure is a day-case sterile procedure performed in theatre, under a light General Anaesthetic. The procedure takes around 1 hour and is split into 3 simple steps:

1 Harvest

This step takes around 30 minutes and involves making two small incisions (0.5cm) in the skin around the abdomen to enable the fat to be removed using a water-assisted suction tool.

2 Processing

The regenerative cells are separated from your fat tissue using the Lipogems® system. Your cells aren’t changed in any way and no other chemicals are added.

2 Injecting

Your adipose cells are injected into the genitourinary area by your gynaecologist. The injection sites are tailored specifically to each patient.

Why choose Lipogems®?

  • You are suffering from symptoms of the menopause in genitourinary area
  • You are unable to have sexual relationships due to pain
  • You are suffering with problems post childbirth
  • You are looking for a one-time solution to restore vaginal health
  • You are unable or do not want to take Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • You have tried and failed vaginal laser therapy

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