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Bespoke & Group COVID-19 Testing

We can work with you to meet your group’s specific requirements regarding numbers, test type, result speed and location. By utilising our private lab and team of experts, we can offer a lower price per test than standard testing facilities for large groups of people.

Group Testing

Fit-to-fly certificates and bespoke COVID-19 group testing service for business and personal travel.


Special Events

If you and a group of people are travelling abroad from the UK to attend a special event and want to arrange for everyone to have access to the appropriate fit-to-fly testing. We can arrange testing around you to make the process simple and easy.

Workforce Testing

Trusted by many of the largest companies in London and across the UK, The Regenerative Clinic offers bespoke corporate COVID-19 testing packages providing UK businesses with superior access to quick and efficient COVID-19 testing services for employees.


Simple and Trusted Service

We have been serving the UK public, private and corporate sectors since COVID-19 testing became a requirement. We have over two years of experience providing testing and support to keep everyone safe. Our service is well organised and reliable. We offer both PCR and Antigen testing and can provide fit-to-fly certificates to make travelling and attending events as easy as possible.

12 Nationwide Clinics

We operate a network of 12 conveniently-located clinics across the country, so you can choose a location that suits you.


Keeping the Workplace Safe

Now much of the UK workforce is back to in the workplace, it’s as important as ever that everyone keeps testing and makes sure everyone is safe.

Enquire about group workplace testing option below.

Antigen Tests

PCR Tests

Getting Started

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Approved and Backed by the UK Government

The Regenerative Clinic is proud to have been backed by the UK government for COVID-19 testing since 2020. This has allowed us to remain up-to-date with the latest technology and ensure we are one step ahead of regulations.

We continue to work alongside official organisations and individuals worldwide to provide a fast, reliable service. We pride ourselves on what our customers say about us, so you can check out what people think on Trustpilot.


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