Covid-19 Proof of Recovery Letter

The Regenerative Clinic is proud to offer patients a Letter of Recovery for those who have had a positive Covid-19 test in the last 6 months.


  • In order to be eligible for a Proof of Recovery Letter, you must have had a positive Covid-19 test and recovered.
  • You will need to upload a positive Covid-19 test and show that you have recovered from Covid-19.
  • Your vaccination status does not affect your eligibility.
  • Please note this is not an appointment for a Covid-19 test.
  • Read our FAQs below for more information.

Purchase a Proof of Recovery Letter

Fill in this form and complete payment to purchase your proof of recovery letter.

This is also known as the “specimen date” or “date of test”, which may be different from the date of the certificate or result. Please note that it is your responsibility to check with your destination country what their requirements are, the most common requirements are for tests to be between 11 and 180, days of travel.
Price: £ 99.00


  • Locate your recent positive Covid-19 test certificate (must be within the last 6 months, but not within the past 10 days) with the date and type of the test. You will also need your passport number.
  • Fill out our form with your personal information
  • Upload your positive Covid-19 test
  • We will review your certificate and form, and you will receive your Proof of Recovery Letter within 8 hours.
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Some countries are accepting proof of recovery certificates confirming that you have recently recovered from Covid-19 as sufficient to enter the country. This is because you are believed to have natural immunity from re-infection.

A Covid Test Certificate is proof that you did or didn’t have Covid-19 on the date of the test.
A Proof of Recovery Letter shows that you had Covid-19 but are unlikely to have it at that moment and are likely to be protected from natural immunity from re-infection by your antibodies.

You will need to upload a positive Covid-19 test and show that you have recovered from Covid-19. You will need to show this to obtain your Covid-19 Recovery Certificate AND you must bring it with you when you travel.

After 10 days after you tested positive for Covid-19, you are believed to have recovered and no longer be infected. If you are still experiencing symptoms, then it is likely you have not yet recovered. This assessment is based on the symptoms you report when filling out our form. After 10 days and being symptomless you are eligible for a Covid-19 Recovery Letter.

Each country/destination has different and ever-changing lengths for how long your Covid-19 immunity lasts and how long your Covid Recovery Letter will be valid. Please see the government website for up to date information.

You can apply for a Covid-19 Proof of Recovery Letter after 10 days if you have been free of symptoms for 48 hours.

Covid-19 Proof of Recovery Letter certificates can be used for specific events, airlines, and countries.

You will not be eligible for a Covid-19 Proof of Recovery letter if you have had a positive test in the last 10 days or if you are displaying specific symptoms.

Your Proof of Recovery Covid-19 Letter will be emailed to you by email within 8 hours of you submitting our online form.

No, to get a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate we will need to see evidence of a test result from a laboratory with your name and the date the test was performed.

Yes, your letter will have a scannable QR code. 

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