London Canary Wharf Express Covid-19
PCR Testing

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London Canary Wharf Express Covid-19 PCR Testing

Covid-19 RT-PCR tests are now available in Canary Wharf with a 4-hour turnaround.  Our central London testing centre is located at  Cabot place East (Unit RS310), Canary Wharf, London, E14 4QT and our lab is around the corner in central London– minimizing delays in our PCR processing time.

Your test result/Fit to Fly certificate will be issued via email, please check your spam/junk and if not received please email

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Important Information Before Booking

Important Information Before Booking


Please bring your ID with you to your appointment.

Remember to wear a mask to your appointment and ensure that you are have been symptom free for the last 14 days.   Please arrive at our facility at: Cabot place East (Unit RS310), Canary Wharf, London, E14 4QT.

Please try not arrive early for your appointment, and only those being tested should attend.

Please select appointment type and slot below and enter your patient details. For travel purposes all information provided must match your travel documents as this will be on your certificate.

Before Your Express Covid-19 PCR Test​

Before your test:

Don’t use any nasal sprays or put anything in your nose for 24 hours before your appointment.

For 1 hour before, avoid any salty or acidic foods, alcohol, coffee, smoking, inhalants or mouthwash.

Please bring a form of identification with you.

Remember to wear a mask to your appointment and ensure that you have been symptom free for the last 14 days.

Please do not arrive early for your appointment and note that we won’t allow anyone else in with you.

What should I know about urgent PCR COVID-19 tests?

We have a team working 24-hours a day and use two in-house PCR analysis machines to get your results to you fast. Since one machine is reserved for same-day analysis, we can guarantee emergency PCR in London with same-day service in Marylebone (3-hour express) and Canary Wharf, Crouch End, Notting Hill, and Putney (4-hour express).

Why should I use the COVID-19 PCR Testing clinic at London?

We’ve had experience offering COVID-19 PCR testing during the entire pandemic response from lockdowns to tiers and travel restrictions, so we know what’s required.

To date, we’ve completed 10,000 COVID-19 test certificates and our accuracy is superb. We now offer a faster 3 and 4-hour turnaround with a dedicated PCR analysis machine for quicker results. That’s same-day COVID-19 PCR testing in London you can trust with conveniently located sites: Marylebone, Canary Wharf, Crouch End, Notting Hill, and Putney.

Why do I need a same-day London COVID-19 express PCR test?​

On the NHS, it’s currently not possible to request a test for travel or return to work purposes and you could wait up to 5 days for your results too. Same-day London COVID-19 express PCR tests give you reassurance and peace of mind that you’re not transmitting the disease currently.

Why is it hard to get an express COVID-19 PCR test in London?​

Well, every COVID-19 PCR swab must be checked in a special laboratory under clinical conditions. Most testing clinics only transport their swabs once a day. That means you’ll -at best- receive next-day testing results. Our samples are transported by our dedicated medical couriers, on the day, directly to our in-house lab. And we’ve dedicated one entire testing machine to same-day requests so we can always meet the demand for same-day London COVID-19 express PCR tests. You just need to book an early appointment to get same-day COVID test results.

Do you provide COVID 19 PCR test travel certificates in London?​

If your destination requires proof of a recent COVID-19 test in the form of a travel certificate, you may not be able to enter the country without one. A COVID-19 PCR test detects if you’re currently infected with the COVID. This test is the most widely accepted form of COVID-19 screening and is likely the type of test you need for entry.

A COVID 19 PCR test travel certificate is where a document containing your COVID 19 PCR test result is emailed to you. Since it’s signed by our Medical Director, it is approved for travel under ‘Fit to Fly’. If you need a hard copy, just print one at home.

However, as part of our home test kit package, for those in London, we can provide a visit from a healthcare professional to conduct your swab at home and deliver it back to the laboratory. Again, if this swab is delivered back to the lab by 4pm then a same day result can be available.

When can I not get a London express COVID-19 PCR test?​

Don’t visit either of our London COVID-19 PCR testing clinics if, within the last 10 days:

You’ve had a positive COVID test.

You’ve had COVID-19 symptoms.

You’ve had contact with someone who has COVID or COVID symptoms.

You’ve come from a red-list country.

Private PCR COVID-19 test and a Lateral Flow Test – what’s the difference?​

A lateral flow test is not as reliable as the PCR test and it’s not accepted by many airlines as proof that you’re Fit to Fly. You can always check with the country you are travelling to for confirmation before booking with us.

Can I get a Covid-19 Express Test to Release?​

Yes! We offer express COVID-19 Tests to Release our locations in Marylebone, Canary Wharf, Crouch End, Notting Hill, and Putney. A Test to Release allows travellers to cut their 10-day isolation in half with a PCR test on day 5. With our 3-hour and 4-hour rapid PCR test service, you can find out on the same day if you’re free from COVID. This will allow you to resume your normal life quicker than with other, slower testing options.

Do you require a Covid-19 test for travel to Hong Kong?

If you are travelling from England to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific we can provide your Covid-19 PCR test and Fit to Fly certificate. However, due to different guidelines, if you are travelling on British Airways we are currently unable to provide your test and certificate.

Do you require a Covid-19 test for travel to Jersey?

We are unfortunately unable to provide Covid-19 PCR test and Fit to Fly certificate for travellers to Jersey. We are currently investigating this and will update you when we are able to provide this testing.

Please read our booking terms and conditions before making an appointment.

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